Green Gym

January is notoriously the month where many people join gyms across the nation in hope that this year it’ll be different – this is the year that they will finally get fit. Whilst they may go to the gym for the first week or so … slowly other things will come up and by theContinue reading “Green Gym”

Children and nature

The great outdoors is one of the best playgrounds and classrooms. It’s a source of wonder and of adventure. It can fire the imagination. It can stimulate the senses. And it can start a lifelong love affair with the natural world. In 2007 many nature related words such as kingfisher, lark, minnow, newt and otterContinue reading “Children and nature”

The benefits of green space

It has long been proven that nature has a beneficial effect on your mental health. After weeks, if not months, cooped up inside as part of the global lockdown – now more than ever has our own mental health been such a priority. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have predicted that we are set forContinue reading “The benefits of green space”