Green Gym

January is notoriously the month where many people join gyms across the nation in hope that this year it’ll be different – this is the year that they will finally get fit. Whilst they may go to the gym for the first week or so … slowly other things will come up and by the end of the month the gym kit has found its place once more at the back of the wardrobe to never see the light of day again.

There is an alternative option – the green gym. Green gyms are practical, guided outdoor activities such as tree planting, digging wildlife ponds or sewing wildflower meadows. Run by The Conservation Volunteers – the Green Gym not only helps get you fit, but helps the environment in the process. As well as the work itself you’ll also warm up and cool down too. It has been shown that you can burn more than a third more calories in a Green Gym session compared to an aerobic class. For details of Green Gym in your are – please see the TCV website.

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Of course – you could always create your own green gym by creating your own wildlife haven on your patch. This can include planting bee and butterfly friendly plants, leaving wild areas of your garden, creating a wildlife friendly pond, putting up nest boxes or ensuring there is a hedgehog highway from your garden to your neighbours.

If healthy eating is also on your list of new year resolutions – perhaps start your own vegetable garden or look to have an allotment if you have limited space at home.

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