As the new year approaches it is time for us all to think about what we want to change about our lives. Resolutions get made – and sometimes they’re even kept! If you’re looking for environmentally friendly inspiration for resolutions you can make for the new year – look no further … we’re here with some ideas for you.

  1. Make your garden wildlife friendly.
  2. Walk more – use your car less.
  3. Pick up at least 3 pieces of litter each time you go out for a walk.
  4. Recycle more – make sure all of your household waste that can be recycled is going in the right bin.
  5. Commit to cut down on single use plastics. Reuse what you can – it’s only single use if you only use it once!
  6. Switch your energy provider to a green, renewable energy source.
  7. Plant a tree.
  8. Turn off electrical devices when you’re not using them (leaving them on standby mode uses up a lot of energy which costs you money).
  9. Make the switch to LED lights – not only do they last longer, they are also more energy efficient.
  10. Buy local. Not only will you be supporting the local economy, you’ll also be cutting down the carbon footprint of the good you buy.

So those are our suggestions for some new year resolutions you may want to try – let us know how you get on in keeping your new year resolutions!

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The Global Wildlife Rescue Project is a registered charity in England & Wales. Registered charity number 1188557.

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