As the new year approaches it is time for us all to think about what we want to change about our lives. Resolutions get made – and sometimes they’re even kept! If you’re looking for environmentally friendly inspiration for resolutions you can make for the new year – look no further … we’re here withContinue reading “Resolutions”

What goes up …

For some, the release of a sky lantern or group of balloons into the sky may be a way to remember a loved one or just a pretty sight in the sky – but what goes up does fall back down to earth again and effectively becomes litter and a hazard to the natural worldContinue reading “What goes up …”

Who is getting rid of your rubbish?

Over the past few years plastic pollution has been a hot topic. Its feature in the BBC Natural History programme Blue Planet 2 has helped push this higher up the agenda. You’ll probably have seen the impactful images of a turtle caught up in plastic or a seahorse wrapped around a cotton bud – theyContinue reading “Who is getting rid of your rubbish?”