Green Gym

January is notoriously the month where many people join gyms across the nation in hope that this year it’ll be different – this is the year that they will finally get fit. Whilst they may go to the gym for the first week or so … slowly other things will come up and by theContinue reading “Green Gym”

Autumn Wildlife Gardening Tips

Our wildlife gardening expert, Gill, is here with her top tips for making your garden wildlife friendly this autumn. This year summer has merged slowly into autumn with both days and nights staying warm, with temperatures on average being 5 degrees above normal for this time of year. The spells of very wet and stormyContinue reading “Autumn Wildlife Gardening Tips”

Summer wildlife gardening

Whether you have a small postage stamp sized piece of land or 10 acres – what you do with your garden can make a huge difference to your local wildlife. Our resident wildlife gardening expert, Gill (Fleur Fox on twitter), is here to provide you with some handy tips to help make the most ofContinue reading “Summer wildlife gardening”

Bee Kind

Of pretty much any ecosystem – the humble bee can be considered a keystone species upon which humans rely possibly more than any other insect. Whatever your dietary requirements – you can pretty much be sure that the bee played a role by pollinating the plant from which it came. Globally bees are responsible forContinue reading “Bee Kind”