Spring Wildlife

Spring is a fabulous time of the year to see wildlife here in the UK. It’s a time of new beginnings as the class of 2021 are welcomed into the world. We’ve asked our resident wildlife expert, Geoff, for his top tips for wildlife watching at this time of the year. Returning birds Across theContinue reading “Spring Wildlife”

Children and nature

The great outdoors is one of the best playgrounds and classrooms. It’s a source of wonder and of adventure. It can fire the imagination. It can stimulate the senses. And it can start a lifelong love affair with the natural world. In 2007 many nature related words such as kingfisher, lark, minnow, newt and otterContinue reading “Children and nature”

Natures Larder

Nature is amazing. It offers us so much – shelter, fuel, medicines, health and of course, food amongst others. Today we’re going to explore just a few of the commonly found things in hedgerows and on verges that you can forage.  Rules of Foraging: 1. Unless you are 100% sure of what you are pickingContinue reading “Natures Larder”

The economies of nature

You’ll read and see a lot of stuff about why we should look after our natural world – how we rely on it for food, shelter, fuel, flood reduction, carbon capture (and storage), water purification and recycling, coastal protection … I could go on. If all of these weren’t enough – nature adds billions ofContinue reading “The economies of nature”