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World Book Day (4th March 2021) is a day when we can celebrate the joy of reading and of literature the world over. We asked some of our team, friends and supporters to tell us their favourite wildlife or nature themed books.

What has nature ever done for us? by Tony Juniper – recommended by Holly.

“This is a book I was encouraged to read by a good friend – and I’m so grateful he did. It serves as a reminder as to why we should all seek to look after the natural world. Quoting from the back cover of the book – It’s been estimated that nature is worth as much as $100trillion annually to the world economy – nearly double the global GDP. Yet we take most of what nature does for us for granted, imagining its services to be free and limitless … until they suddenly switch off. This book should be made compulsory reading for everyone!”

The Last Chance To See by Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine – recommended by Lorraine.

“This is a beautiful journey across the world in search of exotic and endangered species – some of which we may never get to see ourselves. I read it in 1990 and it had a huge impact on me. Intelligently written and with a strong message about saving critically endangered species around the world.”

Watership Down by Richard Adams recommended by Catherine.

“This book is so moving and transporting. Finished the book feeling that I knew how rabbits think. Maybe anthropomorphic but it worked for me!”

The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith – recommended by Matthew.

“Whilst aimed at children, these books are great for all ages! As the cover of the book says – he is the master of animal adventures! I just love the humour in this one.”

The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl – recommended by Nikki.

“You can take your pick with a number of Dahl’s books … written for children but loved by all ages. His humour just appeals to me … always has!”

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury – recommended by Lizi.

“A joyful, lyrical book taking the reader through … open grassland, woodland, delicious mud.. across a beach to find a bear in a cave. Spoiler alert: they don’t hang around to get to know the friendly bear! Perfect for children aged 4-5 years.”

The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann – recommended by Becky.

“This was the first book I ever read … and went on to inspire a life long love of animals.”

Badgerlands by Patrick Barkham -recommended by Geoff

“The twilight world of Britain’s most enigmatic animal – that’s what the cover says and it’s true. The badger is the most enigmatic creature. I’ve been privileged enough to have spent quite a lot of time watching badgers – one of my favourite animals. This is a beautiful read about these amazing creatures.”

These are some of our favourites – but what are yours? Don’t forget … if you’re adding to your book collection via Amazon – you can select us as your Amazon Smile charity of choice.

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